Dixie 11


Dixie 11 – Winner of the 1908 World Cup

98cm x 15cm x 19cm



Dixie II      1908 Gold Cup winner speed boat

 The Dixie II speed boat model will make a rare addition to your collection The Dixie II sits perfectly on the included wooden base This Speed boat model is built from scratch by experienced master artisans and is not from any sort of kit.

 The Dixie II was originally a replacement boat owned by Ed Schroeder and driven by Bar Pierce. In 1908, this replacement speed boat won the Gold Cup on the St. Lawrence River in New York.

The Dixie II was named such due to its identical 220-hp engine designed by Harry Crane. While some sportswriters insist that it was the Dixie III that won the 1909 Gold Cup, it is understood that the proper winner was the Dixie II.



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