HMS Sirius


Sirius was the flagship of the First Fleet, which set out from Portsmouth, England, in 1787 to establish the first European colony in New South Wales, Australia. In 1790, the ship was wrecked on the reef, south east of Kingston Pier, in Slaughter Bay, Norfolk Island.
Sirius had been converted from the merchantman Berwick. She was likely built in 1780 by Christopher Watson and Co. of Rotherhithe, who also built another ship of the First Fleet, Prince of Wales Berwick had a burthen of 511 tons (bm) and, after being burnt in a fire, was bought and rebuilt by the Royal Navy in November 1781, retaining her original name

Launched 1780 Fate Wrecked 1790 Class 10- gun ship Length 110’ (33.7m) Gun deck Beam 32’ (9.98m) Sail Plan Full rigged ship Complement 50



Sirius was the flagship of the First Fleet


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